Freddy and Elizabeth Spargo Show, Impersonator

ARIZONAS SHADOWS OF THE KING, can perform 1950, 60’s and 70’S ELVIS PROGRAMS!
and if you’re looking for a multi sculpted show, Freddy G also performs Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, country stars of the past, Waylon,Conway, Jones, Marry Robbins, George Strait, etc.

50s shows with Buddy Holly, Bobby Darin, Jerry Lee, Las Vegas 1970s show as Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Englebert, Sinatra, Martin and other singers, and to bring an added level to our Shows, Miss Elizabeth can add with an incredible singing voice, from June Carter, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Shania, ….. And many other singers!

FREDDY G LIKES TO MINGLE IN THE CROWD, TO MAKE THEM PART OF THE SHOW, WITH HUMOR, WARMTH AND HAND OUT ROSES SCARVES ( to the women) out in the AUDIENCE, YOU WILL NEED TO LOOK NO FURTHER AS An incredible Elvis experience awaits you with Voice moves and great Bose sound system …Close your eyes and here the power in Freddy’s voice.

Fred Spargo, stage name Freddy G has performed nationaly Alaska, Las Vegas, Texas, California,, Seattle Washington, the Dakota’s,. And in Laughlin Nevada, And thousands of locations in the Greater Phoenix area, SunCity, Mesa, Chandler, Flagstaff, Yuma, Quartzite, Prescott, Payson and senior citizens centers and 55 Parks throughout Arizona!
As well as weddings, Corporate events, Churches ect. Fort St John British Columbia Canada for a Johnny cash and Elvis show.

Freddy G Impersonator
Freddy G and Elizabeth Show